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Most of the books on this list are available as eBooks on . They are readable on any device without any other software, app or download (although I do recommend getting the app, if it is available for your device). Several of these books are now published as Amazon  paperbacks.  Books available from the bookstall at Menai Bridge English Presbyterian Church are noted in this listing.


The Robert Davies Memorial Window in the English Presbyterian Church Menai Bridge. A description, biography of Robert Davies and four essays or sermons exploring the message of the window.

From the church booktable. Also available as a Kindle eBook


Meandering around Britain, Major Ifor Jackson writes about the churches and cathedrals that he visits. Musing on the world around, he pens inspirational articles. Many of these pieces have appeared in 'The Bridge', the magazine of Menai Bridge and  Caernarfon English Presbyterian Churches.

An Amazon paperback, also available as a Kindle eBook edition


History and Guide of the English Presbyterian Church in Menai Bridge. Illustrated in colour.

The new revised edition is now available as an Amazon paperback

A few copies of the previous edition are still available in the church.


The author, Ifor Jackson, writes:

"Many others have written histories and tourist guides about Anglesey; some erudite and heavy, others light and easy reading. This little volume is a few random thoughts and scribblings - some is my weak attempt at humour. The one common link to these notes is that they are about the island that I call home."

Available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook and as a paperback


In this slim booklet Major Ifor Jackson explores what  being a Christian means.

It is clear that a Christian is a follower of Christ’s Way. Can I put another name to the Way?– Lifestyle Christianity. We hear a lot about lifestyles, this is the real life changing one; a lifestyle that proclaims that Jesus is the Christ and the only true Wa

From the booktable at Menai Bridge English Presbyterian Church or as a Kindle eBook.

Anglesey: Myths, Legends and Other Tales.

Only available as an Amazon paperback.

This book is just what the title says. You will find quite a miscellany in these pages.

Anglesey has many tales to tell, tales from the distant past and the Mabinogion, stories of saints in the dark ages, nineteenth century ghosts, witches, a dragon and dark deeds all find a place; even Jack the Ripper makes an appearance.

Illustrated with old engravings.


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