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The War Memorials

Menai Bridge English Presbyterian Church


First hand memories of both world conflicts are rapidly disappearing. For most of today's population there is just a list of names on the local War Memorial. Some memorials have more information on them; such is the case with the memorial plaques in Menai Bridge English Presbyterian Church. But no Memorial tells the full story, this booklet tells some of the story of the men whose names are recorded on these walls.

From the book:

War Memorials in Menai Bridge English Presbyterian Church


The first memorial to be seen on entering the church is the War Memorial across the nave from the porch door. Such memorials are of great interest to family and local historians, but it is a sad fact that, as chapels and churches are demolished or turned to secular use, many are becoming lost or destroyed.

This memorial records the names of four young men from this congregation who lost their lives in the Great War of 1914- 1918; Privates J.W. Leavett, J.R Davies, S.Osborne and Able Seaman William H. Dibben. Private Osborne was shot by a sniper just seven days before the Armistice. An added marble plaque marks the death of Sgt Frederick Williams during the Crossing of the Rhine in the final push into Germany towards the close of the Second World War in 1945. The members of the Davies family, the early benefactors of this church, who lost their lives in the Great War have their individual memorials in the transept to your right.

Memorials in the transept record the Davies' family's losses in the Great War: Richard Davies' youngest son Captain Arthur Charles Davies who was killed at Suvla Bay in the Gallipoli campaign (10 August 1915, just a few days before his batman, Private Leavett, in the same campaign); Captain Kenneth Rees Habershon, killed near Ypres, 12 February 1916; Captain Leonard Osborne Habershon, killed near Serre, 13 November 1916. The Habershon brothers were the sons of Richard's daughter Catherine who is also remembered on this wall.

This little booklet pays tribute to these men by telling some of their story.